How to Play Seahorse Chess With 100% Certainty of Winning


Games is a very popular folk game in Vietnam, as well as some Southeast Asian countries. The origin of this game is in India, also known as Pachisi or Chau Par. Previously, seahorse chess was only played online, but with current technological developments, this game is available on online platforms. To understand more about this game, please join Hi88 to learn about how to play seahorse chess through the following article.

Brief introduction to the game

Seahorse chess is played with a cross-shaped chess board, each side has a different color, symbolizing the four playing teams. Each playing team has four horse-shaped chess pieces, placed in the corner of the chess board. The goal of the game is to move your pieces from the starting point to the destination in the middle of the board, ahead of the other teams. This game is both a matter of chance, both tactical and antagonistic.

To play seahorse chess, you need a seahorse chess set, including a chess board, 16 chess pieces (4 of each color) and a six-sided dice. There must be at least two players, maximum four players. If the number of players is less than four, you can divide the number of pieces equally between each player or leave some colors out of play.

The most basic rules of horse games

Before learning about how to play seahorse chess, you also need to pay attention to the rules of the game:

  • Normally,Four players choose a chess piece color for themselves and then place their four chess pieces at the corner of the chessboard corresponding to the chosen color. The starting point of each color is the dot box of the same color at the corner of the chessboard.
  • According to the rules, red will go first, then green, yellow and blue, the order will be clockwise.
  • Each turn, the player will roll the dice once and move one of his pieces according to the number of buttons on the dice. If the dice shows the number 6, the player gets to roll the dice one more time and can move another piece.
  • To move a piece out of the starting point, you must roll the dice to the number 1 or 6. At that time, the player will place his piece on the first box on the path, which is white and has a dot. color with chess pieces. If that square already contains another team’s piece, the player will defeat that piece and return that piece to that team’s starting point.

Instructions on how to play seahorse chess for new players

If you are a new player and are not familiar with how to play seahorse chess, you can refer to the following:

Preparation operations

Players can register a game account at Hi88 then choose to play seahorses. This is the fastest way to help you save time and participate anytime, anywhere.

Number of players

Seahorse chess can be played by two to four people:

  • If the number of players is two, two colors of chess pieces will be chosen, and both teams will be controlled.
  • If the number of players is three, one player will choose two piece colors and the other two players will choose one piece color.
  • If the number of players is four, each player will choose a piece color.

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The seahorse chess board is shaped like a cross, each side has a different color: red, green, yellow, and blue. According to the rules for playing seahorse chess, each color represents a team. The side has 12 white squares, which are the paths of the chess pieces. Each corner has a box with dots of the same color as the edge, which is the starting point for each team. There are four small boxes of the same color as the edge, which is where the pieces wait to leave the starting point.

In the middle of the board, there is a central square with four colors, which is the goal of the game. From the center box, there are four narrow lines with colors corresponding to the four sides, which are the lines leading to each team’s goal. Each narrow road has five boxes, of which the first box has a dot of the same color as the narrow road, which is the box turning into the narrow road. The last cell is the center cell, which is the end of the game.

Experience of playing seahorse chess of experts

Seahorse chess is a game of chance, both tactical and antagonistic. To play seahorse chess well, you need to have some of the following experience:

How to properly allocate chess pieces

Players should not take too many pieces out of the starting point, because it will be difficult to have a chance to move them. At the same time, players should not leave too few pieces out of the starting point, because they will easily be overtaken by the other team. Balance the number of pieces in different positions on the board to create pressure on the other team and create an advantage for yourself.

Players need to know how to protect their pieces

Stack two pieces of the same color on top of each other to avoid being defeated by the other team. Players put their pieces into the narrow lane as soon as possible, because that is the safest place. Avoid placing your pieces on squares that have a high risk of being defeated by another team, such as squares with dots, cells turning into narrow paths, or cells near another team’s starting point.

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