How To Select The Perfect Boxer Briefs


Men generally shrug their shoulders and wing it when selecting their inner boxer shorts size while purchasing online, as they do with other things in life. Even though it can be a bitter pill to take, your underwear size at the age of 18 probably isn’t the same as it is today, and you may have even had the wrong size.

Are you tired of anticipating receiving a new boxer in the mail and being angry when it doesn’t fit properly? With the help of this comprehensive guide on how to choose men’s underwear, you can eliminate all guesswork and always get the right size. You’ll learn about the different types of underwear and how to measure yourself for the correct size.

Various Styles of Men’s Underwear

You must first choose which sort of underwear is ideal for your particular body type and way of life before we can discuss dimensions. Here is a quick summary:


Boxers are loose-fitting underwear that also extend halfway down the thigh and are also referred to as boxer shorts. Like trunks, boxer shorts are not the most fashionable option and are prone to bunching up, causing skin irritation and general discomfort.


Underwear with a snug fit and a length that comes halfway down the thigh is known as a boxer brief and is praised for its adaptability, breathability, durability, and comfortable fit. Boxer briefs are the perfect choice for everyone, regardless of size, lifestyle, or body shape.


Boxer briefs are a type of brief that extends barely past the crotch and are tighter and shorter. Swim trunks are great for swimming, but underwear trunks aren’t the ideal choice for regular use because they tend to bunch up beneath jeans and can chafe guys with thicker thighs.


Briefs, sometimes referred to as “whitey tighteys,” are the least sanitary and most uncomfortable alternative since they readily stain, store bacteria, and emit odor. They are the worst choice for people with more significant body types or larger thighs. and readily stain.

How To Determine The Size Of Underwear

It’s time to take some measurements now that you’ve decided what kind of underwear you want. You must measure your waist and hips in order to acquire the correct underwear size.

Grab a soft body tape measure to ensure you obtain the correct size; conventional construction measuring tapes won’t provide an accurate reading and aren’t particularly comfy.

  • Measure Your Waist Size

Start by identifying the narrowest part of your waist, which is often just above the belly button. Holding the measuring tape horizontally in the middle of your belly with one hand, wrap the tape snugly but not firmly around your waist. Your waist’s breadth is determined by where the measuring tape intersects with the initial point. 

  • Measure Your Hips

Find the broadest area above your member, and with one hand, hold the tape measure’s beginning point there. To determine your hip size, wrap the measuring tape around and back to the beginning position while keeping it close to your body but not too tight. Make sure the measuring tape sits around the top of your glutes to obtain the accurate measurement.

Men’s Boxer Shorts: How to Style Them

Men’s underwear is far too frequently disregarded as being insignificant, while in reality, many individuals are fully aware that what you wear in your underwear says a lot about you. 

It goes without saying that a male must maintain a dapper appearance throughout his whole outfit, so why should your boxers be any different? The type of boxer you want to wear is the critical area needing improvement. 

Do you realize that a wide range of prints are now available for boxers? Thanks to the market’s availability and diversity, there are options for everyone and anybody. The pastel colors are the most popular since they are currently in style. Traditional designs for the boxers include vertical stripes, plauds, and repeating geometric shapes. 

What To Consider When Purchasing Men’s Boxer Shorts

When selecting the ideal briefs or men’s underwear, we are aware of what your skin wants. You must find something that complements your skin the best, supports your junk, and keeps you free at the same time. You cannot just purchase anything. For your convenience, we’ve included a few rules to remember while purchasing men’s boxer shorts, briefs, or any other type of underwear.

  • Improved Breathability 

Airflow through your lower body is necessary to prevent perspiration and moisture buildup. It could also result in bacterial infection. Consequently, you must choose innerwear with exceptional breathability.

  • Having Two Pockets For Convenience

No one, not even males, likes to keep their hands occupied. The presence of dual pockets on undergarments might distract you from searching for your phone, wallet, vehicle keys, etc. 

  • Improved Fit

You shouldn’t have purchased boxer briefs or inner boxers in the first place if they don’t fit properly. Select a solution that fits better to hold your trash and provide a great form.

  • Fabric

Cotton is used to make the majority of inner garments since it is thought to be the most skin-friendly material. You may still look for brands that provide soft, 100% cotton.

  • Stretchy Elastic Waistband For Comfort

The tight waistline of most bottom clothing is unpleasant. Choose shorts with an elasticized waistband. They are cozy while allowing you to flex and stretch in all directions.

What Makes Men’s Underwear Fascinating?

Sexy Beast fantastic line of boxers is light, airy, unrestricted, and generally lightweight on the body and the spirit. The team puts a lot of effort into creating a product that is so light and pleasant that it feels like a feather. All that it is meant for is your additional comfort. You may efficiently work from home with it, and you can slip out of the house in a carefree manner. Simply said, the seamless transition from the inside to the exterior comes to mind while wearing boxers.